Top Kiteboarding schools Hua Hin

Huahin has a wide beach; sandy banks are located 20 meters from the shore, which allows you to engage with students effectively. The season here is divided into two parts, the north wind – December-January, the south wind – February / March
The best kite schools we have selected in Huahin:

Link to schoollanguageIndividual lessons 2 hourGroup lessons 3hourIndividual course 9hGroupe Course 9h. $raitingIKO
huahinkitesurfingThai, En130$130$for 7 hours 355$355$3,5V
kiteboardingasiaThai, En130$130$for 6 hours 355$355$3V
North kiteboarding clubThai, EN. France, Deutch130$130$for 6 hours 355$355$4V
JollykiteEn, Ru130$130$500$ 12h500$ 12h5V
Kites in Hua Hin area

Propose to teach only using new technology Cabrinha and Airush kites and nice harnesses and a kiteboard customized for our customers’ weight. Add this, and you will have the perfect place to relax, kite and learning kiteboarding. Cheap hotel near kitestation in few minutes near the water. Massage at the beach beside the school
A few brands need mentioning are: Cabrinha, Airush, Ozone, North, F-one, Liquid force, Flexifoil, Core, Slingshot, Niel Pride, Mystic, Nobile and Naish

Most popular kiteboarding school in Asia. I work there as the instructor in Phangan, and there was great. There was a lot of good guys from a lot of countries. But in HuaHin I saw another KBA. KBA managers want money and start kite schools close to there competitors. But it’s still an excellent school where people can relax and learn kiteboarding. There a lot of good instructors. KBA has IKO certificate. You can choose a location near you and learn kiteboarding there – this is

North kiteboarding club
Excellent kiteboarding school with their bar and own place on the beach. They have a big part of HuaHin Beach, and Therese is no traffic there. Joe, owner of kite school all-time in a good mood so you can ask him everything and he will help you. In north kiteboarding station a lot of different instructors that’s why north kiteboarding one of the best in the diversity of languages.

Russian and English language school near Hua Hin. A lot of students told about jolly kite instructors like one of the best in the world. One of the instructors of jolly kites is the pro rider of Nobile team.

They can find you a nice place to a stop. Make Thailand tours and teach you kitesurfing. This school study only in two languages – Rus, Eng

Hua Hin is a combination of a typical

Thai resort (with its entertainment, nightlife, and local culture) and an excellent spot for experienced kitesurfers and those who only want to try out this sport. In Hua Hin, couples or friendly companies love to relax, and no one has to be bored.

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The winds in Hua hine are not constant, and therefore it is worth checking the weather before the trip. The best time for skiing is from October to April when the days are windy, and the tides are frequent. The coast of Hua Hin is even without stones and corals, but jellyfish and sea urchins can come across, so you should protect yourself with wetsuits.

Huahin Thackray / Simon Thackray

The cost of classes here varies greatly, it all depends on whether you are in kite school or just with a private trainer (the latter are usually cheaper). For an introductory 2-hour lesson at school, you will have to pay about $ 100, with a private instructor starting at $ 55 (equipment included). Rent a kite with a board for the whole day – from $ 30.