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We all know that to learn any sport you need a good mentor. The choice of a mentor is the most crucial and decisive moment of every human path.

Unfortunately, we do not know which of the people offering training services are more experienced and collected. When it comes to kiteboarding, it’s better to choose. Sport associated with wind water and extreme cannot be disregarded. Nowadays there are many sports centers and schools where you can learn to ride a kitesurf.

Many certificates confirm the qualifications of a coach. But even this is not enough. There are a lot of amateur and non-professional coaches. This is evidenced by the large number of injuries that students receive in the process of learning.

In this regard, we have made the ranking of the best, safest and cheapest kiteboarding schools. Our team travels around the world and makes revisions of our posts.
We are a sign of quality, we are.

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