What the In-Crowd Won’t Tell You About Windsurfing

Diving creates stress on an individual’s body. The windsurfing is quite exciting on account of the strong wind and high waves. There’s also kite surfing and windsurfing, or ride a couple of the largest waves around the planet, on a surfboard.
Windsurfing equipment

Beginners are not recommended, and it is better to start with a rental kit. First, windsurfing should be done on a longboard, the size of which should be chosen depending on the weight of the person. Pay attention to the dagger and fin on the board. It is recommended to take the kit, which includes the sail, mast, and boom. There are some extras:

A trapezoid is a part that translates part of the load of the sail with hands. It can be lap or sedentary.
The wetsuit should be used at any temperature – in the cold, it will protect against hypothermia, and in the warm season from sunburn.

Windsurf sail

This specialized piece of equipment, which is functionally divided into a sail for racing, slalom, and waves. They can be significant and small, and the choice is to take into account the force of the wind in the place where you have to ride. The size of the sail for windsurfing varies from 1.5 to 12 square meters. A large sail catches even a small breeze, but at the same time, it is difficult to control it. If you want to windsurf, then it is essential to buy a sail from a suitable material:

Dacron The most popular option among beginners, because it is inexpensive, lightweight and durable.
Mylar. This canvas has a large number of layers, which helps it to keep its shape better, but at the same time, the material may stratify over time.
Film. The primary material that is used for the manufacture of sails for windsurfing. It holds the shape of the sail best.

Windsurf board

The stores are boards that differ in the geometric shape of the body and the total volume. It is essential to pay attention to the material of the boards, and it is best to choose seamless options from Kevlar and carbon, which are durable, not heavy and durable. Plastic boards are suitable for freestyle. For those who are interested in how to choose a board for windsurfing, it is essential to consider the length, and this parameter varies from 2.2 to 3.8 m, but the volume is from 70 to 250 l.

Longer boards are considered to be more than 290 cm. These are ideal options for skiing in light wind. In the design of such a committee, there is a daggerboard – a part that provides stability at low speeds.
Short are considered options with a length of less than 290 cm. In this case, the stability is ensured by high sliding speed. Windsurfing on short boards is more maneuverable, and the athlete can make jumps and various tricks.

How to ride a windsurf?

To learn to ride fast and without too much difficulty, it is best to use the help of an instructor. If there is no such possibility, then it is worth considering some features.

Windsurfing involves the proper setting of the board, depending on the wind. This will avoid falling. It is worth starting from a little depth. Put the board perpendicular to the wind, and the sail should be placed on the leeward side, that is, the wind should blow in the back.

When the board is installed, you need to stand on it, and you can start moving. Windsurfing begins with the fact that the stern leg should be put a little forward, and the stern hand to take up the boom, approximately at a distance of 2/3 of its length. Place your bow hand on the boom located near the mast.

Slowly turn the sail in your direction, while the mast should not bend. The nasal foot should be moved towards the hinge and slightly curved towards the nose. This makes it easy to control movements.

The sail must be closed to achieve acceleration, and when the boom begins to pull, follow the course to continue to move at a right angle relative to the wind. If the board unfolds, then it is worth adjusting the course due to the inclination of the mast in the stern or bow.
Place your foreleg behind the hinge and move your arms away from the mast. Continue driving, holding the sail so that it does not roll over. It is essential that the back is flat and the knees are slightly bent.


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