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Kiteboarding in Thailand

Thailand is not a very permanent phenomenon. Thailand is located in such a way that strong winds do not go there. In spite of this, they ride everywhere on a kiteboard. So three directions for kitesurfing in Thailand:
1. Huahin kite beach and its surroundings are the windiest places of Thailand, in December and January the north winds blow from the side of the Gulf of Thailand. In February and March, the warm southerly wind blows here. The wind blows on big kites. 12-17 sizes, which is excellent for learning new students. Smooth wind allows experienced riders here to learn to do new tricks in unhooked. The water temperature here is usually 27-31 degrees.
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2.Phuket Island – the wind blows from under the clouds. By this, the wind comes somewhat ragged. Because of the mountainous terrain in one part of the island, there may be wind, and in the other, there will be no wind.
Samui and Phangan islands – here are several kiteboarding schools. For half a year of stay here (November – May), I managed to ride 20 times, of which 19 on the kite are 13 square meters.
Pupils have more luck but do not hope that you will be able to learn to ride the kiteboard in 5-10 days, as it happens in Tarifa or Mexico.
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3.Pattaya – there is a cross over to the left and the shore, it flows smoothly and well. As I understand it, 5-7 meters is an ordinary wind, for large-medium sizes. Rarely blowing stronger. On weekdays, there is no traffic, on weekends – more, people come from Bangkok. In the evening, people went to the sunset after work – 2-3 people, and rolled on the 17th SS Turbine – the wind subsides. Overall winds at 14 kite size.
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