Few facts about Mexica

The country that is habitually called Mexico is the United Mexican States, one of the most southerly states in North America. These magnificent landscapes witnessed the birth and death of perhaps the most mysterious peoples of the world — the Mayans and Aztecs, whose descendants inhabit current Mexico. It is not by chance that all those who succumb to the charm of ancient legends about a mysterious civilization, whose echoes still live among the stone pyramids and temples, dream to come here. But Mexico is interesting not only to archaeologists and lovers of historical buildings – the coast of this country is famous for its luxurious sandy beaches and comfortable hotels where you can enjoy the soothing sound of tidal waves, as well as find entertainment for the soul – from exploring the diverse underwater world to tasting exotic dishes. The combination of a vast number of attractions with a comfortable beach holiday makes Mexico one of the most visited countries in the world.

Kiteboarding in Mexica is perfect!

There are a large number of kiteboarding and Kitesurfing schools — most tourists from the United States. Tourists from the United States come here because of cheap entertainment and permissiveness. The wind in Mexico blows 200 days a year. A beautiful kiteboarding spot located in Isla Blanca, Cancun. Here, with the east wind blowing from the Atlantic Ocean, entirely smooth water. Water depth not more than 20 cm at low tide and 60 cm at high tide.

Kiteboarding condition Isla Blanca

Here, in Isla Blanca, train the best athletes of the world. Wind inflates from 14 knots to 19-21 knots. This is enough for students to learn — advanced riders such as wind and smooth water help in improving their skills in freestyle.

Cancun itself is very similar to Miami. The same double-decker buses. Expensive hotels located on a sandy spit. Spit separates the bay with alligators. From the side of hotels and the sea, wave lovers also ride kiteboards.

60 km north of the coast is Playa del Carmen. If you wind a lot, you can ride in the area. Nearby are the Mexican pyramids, which are located in Tulum, Mexico. In Playa del Carmen met the owner of the kiteboarding school Puro kitesurf Mexico. Our team of experts immediately understood what real Mexico is. Aggressive and rude owner. Little understanding in kiteboarding. This guy is friends with the mafia and solves all questions by calling the gangsters. Be careful if you decide to go to study at this school. Also people looking kiteboarding schools Mui-Ne

There are many good kite schools in Mexico. Such as Yuckite () in Merida. Or Ikarus Kiteboarding Center ()
Please note this article is the conclusion of our experts who are engaged in and teach kiteboarding for more than ten years.

The price of kiteboarding lessons in Mexico:

2 hours – $ 200 USD2 hours – $ 155 USD p/p
3 hours – $ 265 USD3 hours – $ 205 USD p/p
6 hours – $ 470 USD6 hours – $ 350 USD p/p
9 hours – $ 675 USD9 hours – $ 499 USD p/p
1 hour – $ 100 USD1 hour – $ 90 USD
2 hours – $ 190 USD2 hours – $ 140 USD
1 hour – $ 85 USD1 hour – $ 70 USD

Price for equipment rental:

2 hours – $ 80 USD2 hours – $ 55 USD2 hours – $ 30 USD
4 hours – $ 130 USD4 hours – $ 90 USD4 hours – $ 50 USD
2 hours – $ 10 USD2 hours – $ 10 USD2 hours – $ 15 USD
4 hours – $ 15 USD4 hours – $ 15 USD4 hours – $ 20 USD