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Short description about slingshot brand

Slingshot is one of the first kitesurf companies founded in 1999 in America. In the global market, the brand “Slingshot,” is known for its highest quality production.

Slingshot specializes in the manufacture of equipment and clothing for kitesurfing: kites, kiteboards, trapezes, kiteboard covers, and kite clothing.

Slingshot’s unique, innovative approach to kite and board development; bold graphics and excellent quality – quickly attracted the attention of kitesurfers!

Currently, Slingshot is the world’s leading kitesurfing leader. The kitesurfing industry continues to set the fashion, being a significant player in the global kite market. Competent organization of production, multi-stage quality control at all stages of the production process, the use of materials and components only of the highest quality, all this, of course, ensures the durability and trouble-free operation of the kite equipment from Slingshot!

Slingshot has contributed and continues to bring many unique innovations to the kite industry successfully. These innovations have helped kitesurfing to evolve, making it safer, more convenient and more comfortable! If you look at kite products from all other manufacturers, then note that many of the innovations on their products are patented developments from Slingshot.


For example: “Van Pamp” developed and patented by Slingshot, a system for pumping kites through one valve in 2005. Currently, all other kite brands have acquired a patent for this system from Slingshot.

“Fastrak” developed by Slingshot, the “channel” installation system was a breakthrough in simplicity, ease of installation and adjustment of kiteboard mounts.

In modern kitesurfing, there is not a single brand that would not use uniquely innovative developments from Slingshot. What makes the company “Slingshot” rightfully brand number 1 in the world

Kite brand Slingshot is a unique, high-quality manufacturer of universal kites for snowkiting and kitesurfing, having developed and patented a lot of innovations, patents for which they bought and continue to buy all the most renowned global kite brands, among which Slingshot is rightfully the engine of the kite industry.
The most revolutionary inventions and patents of the kite company Slingshot

Kiteboard slingshot patents

2003 Oh Shit! Handle – The hinges are located at both ends of the slat and work as a backup security system. This system is currently equipped with all modern kites.

2004 Onepump – Original patented system of fast simultaneous pumping of all cylinders.

The 2005 year ATL (All Terrain Launch) – Run from any surface. This system gave rise to the active use of an inflatable kite in the winter.
2005 Splitstrut is the combination of the transverse cylinders and the wing web into one integral side. Significantly improved wing aerodynamics.

2006 Wave Grenade – the patented system of shooting the 5th line, to avoid damage to the kite when it is twisted.
2007 CSS – Slingshot Centerline Safety System – the best security system that works great both during activation and after preparing to restart the snake.

2008 Active Stopper Ball – the most convenient bracket retainer.
2009 Bolt-Ons is the only integrated system of pads and loops on the market.

2010 Fastrack – an entirely new technology for attaching a body kit for the board.

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